Yakao Yang's New Book, My Son is Now Available!

My Son is a true story about the love and loss of a father's only son. Yakao Yang was a dreamer who struggled to get an education, but was able to achieve the prestigious title of being the youngest professor in the country at the time. He and his wife were a proud and happy couple who had five lovely daughters. As a young Hmong man, people were constantly telling Yakao that, “No Sons or Son No Good.” Yakao often asked himself, “Why do I need a boy?” I was a civilized man living in a modern world and it did not matter to me if I had girls or boys. I loved them both.

After learning the meaning behind, “No Sons or Son No Good” Yakao thought to himself, “I was not disappointed because I had all girls, but suggestions and expectations from everyone that I kept hearing made me think about it.” In the midst of all of this, the country was taken over by the communist and their home was no longer a safe place to be. With the help of generous sponsors, Yakao was able to move his family to the United States for a better life.

The struggles of moving to a new country where you didn’t speak the language on top of everyone telling you, “No Son is no good” was almost too much to bear, but through dedication and hard work Yakao persevered. Yakao was bless with a son, by his late mother. His son brought him so much joy for many years, but it all stopped in a tragic ending.

This story takes you through many emotions such as triumph, love, happiness, loss and finally hope. Read My Son to get a glimpse at life through the eyes of a Hmong man’s life, love and struggles. Yakao Yang’s dedication to his family is very inspiring and amazing.

Ad for My Son, by Yakao Yang
Yakao Yang's New Book, My Son is Now Available!

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